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Tables are typically used to present raw data.

Example 1. Example table
example table

Table numbering

Tables are numbered using either Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3, etc.) or Roman numerals (I, II, III, etc.). Make sure that the numbering format in the in-text references to tables matches the numbering format in the tables. I sometimes see "Table 1" (in the table) referred to as "Table I" (in the text).

Table captions

Numerous formats are used for table captions. Some examples are shown below. Check guidelines for the required format.

Example 2. Table caption formats

Table 1. Parameters used in simulation.


Table 1: Parameters used in simulation


Table 1
Parameters Used in Simulation

Multipart tables

Most journals do not allow multipart tables (check guidelines). Use multiple tables instead.

Small tables

Most journals do not allow very small tables (e.g., three values).

  • The author creates a table with few values.

  • Remove the table and list the values in the text.

Example 3. Small table

The parameters used in the simulation are listed in Table 1.

small table

In the simulation, the air velocity (v) was 40.5 m/s, the maximum height (hmax) was 3 cm, and the average height (have) was 2.1 cm.