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Will this website always be free?


I read the whole website. Do I still need to send my paper to a proofreader?

Yes. This site helps you avoid common mistakes; it does not prevent you from making all mistakes.

How common are "common" mistakes?

My unscientific definition of a "common mistake" is a mistake that I remember. Considering that I have checked thousands of papers with millons of mistakes, the mistakes listed on this site are most likely very common.

I estimate that a common mistake listed here appears in at least 10% of papers (some mistakes probably appear in about 50% of papers). It’s very unlikely that a single paper will not include at least several of the common mistakes listed here.

How can I contribue to this site?

If you find this site useful, you can

  • tell your colleagues about it

  • suggest topics that you want me to discuss or notify me of mistakes using the feedback form

  • ask your institution to sponsor this site

Why doesn’t this site have information about every detail of writing a paper for every journal?

Such information is already available elsewhere (see Resources).